pieter de buysser the after party

The play of our times,
the pop song of our souls,
the afterparty of our rituals.

​It is 5 o ́clock in the morning in the Prague castle. Paradise seems far away. Jan Ptáček, the master of ceremonies who was still appointed by the long disappeared, loved and wise president, lifts the tablecloth and discovers Fanny Racine, EU-official. Some things went out of hand. But some things can go magically well as well. Well, well, well, what is that well?

​What does the legacy of Václav Havel mean today for Europe? Is a new alliance possible? How would the landscape of Adam and Eve look like in today's politics?

Vladimír Javorský and Christelle Cornil in a play by Pieter De Buysser.

Première: 22 mars 2017

23 & 24 mars 2017 Archa Theatre
26 mars 2017 Divadlo Husa na provázku, Brno, CZ
31 mai et 1 Juin, 2017 Archa Theatre
7 février, 2018  Kaaitheater Brussel